Idol Haunting

Last night, while I was watching American Idol….alone (John and Justin had gone to work on my sister Regina’s computer and Corey was in his bedroom on the opposite end of the house with my niece Avalon and nephew Adam, playing his guitar), during a commercial I got up to adjust and tuck the cushions in to the loveseat (they were all out of wack and almost falling off the sofa). Anyway….I was with my back to the tv…when I turned back around to sit down…for a split second (it was like counting…1…2…slow) I saw a man standing in the dining room doorway. And I knew immediately I was seeing a ghost, because he wasn’t whole like a living person, he was faded….semi-transparent. He was young….I would say maybe early to mid 20′s, short dark hair, tall….over 6ft….because the doorway is 7ft and he was towering almost as high as the doorway…..he was wearing a long coat (like a duster or trench coat and it was opened…but I couldn’t tell you what kind of shirt he had on). The coat was tapered at the waist….it had an hour glass shape. He was standing there with one knee bent, sort of leaning against the door frame on his shoulder… was a very casual, relaxed kind of stand…yet there was something very invasive about it. When I saw him….I was so startled that I don’t think I even breathed….all I felt was a sensation like bees buzzing all through my body. As quickly as I saw him, he vanished right before my eyes. But he didn’t just “poof” disappear….I watched as he faded away very quickly. Through the rest of the show, I just kept randomly looking behind me in the hall, kitchen and dining room to see if he was still around….but I didn’t see him again. When John and Justin came home and Regina came along…I told them what I saw. I can honestly say I was un-nerved by his presence….I think because I feel perhaps….maybe…I don’t know….he wanted me to see him….and though he didn’t do anything threatening….it was the way he was standing there. Almost as if to say to me “Yah, I’m here…watching you.” Well, nothing else was mentioned about this man, nor did he reappear the rest of the night. But………something big did happen today.

John saw a ghost. I’ve been with this man for almost 28 years…and he has never, ever, ever….physically seen a ghost…that is…until today. I was in the kitchen making lunch, John walked in from the back door to go to the bathroom. Next thing I know, John is standing in the kitchen, with this big shocked look on his face. He tells me “I just saw something….I just saw a ghost!” I asked him what happened…and this is what he told me: “I came inside to go to the bathroom…when I walked in to the kitchen….I saw, what I thought was Corey walk by the kitchen doorway and go in to the living room. When I went to the bathroom, I could hear Corey’s shower going. Right then and there, I knew….what I saw couldn’t have been Corey….he’s taking a shower. And you’re in the kitchen and Justin was with me on the back patio!” He then went on to say that it was when he realized Corey was taking a shower, what he saw couldn’t have been Corey. I asked him “If you didn’t see Corey, why did you assume it was Corey? Did this thing you saw look like Corey?” He said “No, it was just a black shadowy kind of figure….but I assumed it was Corey, because who else would it be?” Well…its official….my husband, has finally seen what we have all been telling him all these years we see. I can’t say that I’m happy or relieved….because frankly….I’m worried what he saw was the same figure I saw in the doorway the night before. And, frankly….I worry what this energy is up to. Because I didn’t get a good feeling when I saw it…and for my husband to see it (assuming it’s one of the same)… doesn’t sit right with me. To me, this thing is being very bold….and I worry whether it’s just something passing through or it’s going to stick around for a while and cause problems. But it’s official… husband has finally seen his first ghost.

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