About TG

We are T-arc, “Texas Anomaly Research Center“, currently in the process of launching our sister site, “Texas Ghosts” (this site!), in preparation for our 12 year anniversary!  T-arc, as an entity (pun intended), has existed as an official organization since 1999.  Our history goes back even further, before adopting the T-arc moniker, to over 20 years of research and investigations into purported paranormal incidents.  Our emphasis has traditionally centered around helping those that require “understanding” due to perceived haunting-like activity.  Secondary, but almost as important as our main directive, is the collection of data into our one-of-a-kind structured query language (SQL) databases built explicitly for cataloging and cross-referencing paranormal-based information.  Mostly consisting of investigation and research data, we use a combination of open-source software and in-house applications in an effort to catalog and cross-reference material in ways never applied to the paranormal field before.  In the not-so-distant future, other groups will be invited to combine and compile research analysis, enticed by the reward of cross referencing their own data with other collected sets.

With degrees in computer science, physics, biology, and a classic private investigation background, as well as in-depth studies of spiritual matters, we offer a unique perspective to the paranormal community.

What we do as “TexasGhost.org”

To balance out our techno-geek nature, after long last, we have decided to launch the “lighter side of dark”, fueled primarily by YOUR submitted experiences!

Want to contribute?  No forms to error out, no word limit, no signing up for an account…just send your submission to STORIES@TEXASGHOSTS.ORG

We’ll consider anything – true experiences, fictional stories, your own theories, just about anything having to do with hauntings, ghosts, equipment, any and everything paranormal in context.  Make sure to include:

Author Name (credit where credit is due), whether the submission is true or fictional, and general category (doesn’t have to currently exist…we’ll make one for you if it doesn’t fit).  We also publish any media (pictures, video) that you may want to share.  Be sure to include descriptions so readers know what they are looking at!

 Media Debunking Services

As always, we offer photo / video debunking.  Having served for years as (now former) photo gallery director for “The Shadowlands“, one of the first and oldest continuously  operated paranormal / ghost sites on the Internet, as well as our own debunking service’s through T-arc, we’ve examined well over 100,000 pieces in the last 15 years.  With photography “in our blood”,  you will receive a professional and unbiased inspection of your suspect media.  And the price, you can’t beat – Free.  Additionally, if the submitter agrees, we may use your submission in our galleries!  Submitting is easy, just send pics and vids to PHOTOS@TEXASGHOSTS.ORG.



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