Submit / Evaluation

Want to simply publish your story, photos, or video for others to see and comment on? Have a picture or video you are not quite sure what to make of? We offer professional-for-free evaluation service, as well as general posting of media. If you have an inquiry regarding the nature of your media, please include as much information as possible, including: Equipment used, time and date, number of people present, and atmospheric conditions (hot, cold, rainy, foggy, etc.). If we need more information, we will contact you.

To submit stories – Just send your story to, we’ll publish it ASAP (usually withing 24 hours). Please supply any notes or contact information you would like to include, if any. All stories are posted as anonymous or first-name-only unless the submitting author indicates otherwise.

To submit photos - You can email your photo(s), or URL links to your photo, to Please include any text / back story you would like included with your submission.

To submit video – Email a link to your media, or attach them directly, and send to You can send links to other embedded video, such as Youtube. We will embed them directly into your created post page. If attaching directly, please send each video in a separate email. They can get quite large.

Snail Mail – in the event you have actual prints or physical media that you can not digitize, we can provide a snail-mail address upon request. If possible, we will digitize the media for you, usually free of charge.

What else can I submit? – Good question.  Really, we don’t limit what you can submit.  If it’s something worth posting, and has no classification, we’ll make one!  We are also building “haunted places” lists, paranormal news, theories or ideas worth publishing; you send it, we’ll try to find a place for it. So the answer is – you can submit anything.  And we like that.


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