Double Slit Experiment (Young’s Experiment)


When I try explaining this to non-physics folks, I usually get glazed over stares.  Finally, I found out about Mr. Quantum’s nifty video on the subject.



More lay-person-ish, but more in depth here -

Double-slit experiment – Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaThe double-slit experiment, sometimes called Young’s experiment, is a demonstration that matter and energy can display characteristics of both waves and particles. In the basic version of the experiment, a coherent light source such as a laser beam illuminates a thin plate pierced by two parallel slits, and the light passing through the slits is observed on a screen behind the plate.

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Texas Ghosts » Blog Archive » Perception – The Reality Beyond Matter October 30th, 2011 at 11:29 pm

[...] watching, then consider the double slit experiment, and realize that matter actually can differentiate on whether it is being observed or not.  [...]

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