Texas Haunts



Metz Elementary School in Austin, Texas

This large school building was built in 1916 in Austin, Texas. For the most part, it was an unremarkable building, and nothing of significance took place there other than a brief disagreement between the community and the school board regarding whether or not to send Spanish-speaking children at the school to a different school nearby that could focus on Spanish-based learning. The matter never progressed beyond discussion, and the students remained. Metz Elementary school educated students in the community for decades until it was shut down in 1989 for being too small for the community’s growing needs. Nothing strange was ever mentioned or witnessed at the school until the day the construction crew showed up to demolish the building in order to build a newer, larger building in its place.The construction crew immediately started experiencing unsettling paranormal activity. It was almost as though the building itself had its own spirit and was actively rebelling against the demolition crew. The workers could hear the sound of children’s laughter and noticed writing appear on the chalkboards. The crew ignored the activity, and the poltergeist began to escalate its reaction. Suddenly construction equipment began stalling for no apparent reason, and the crew reported that their watches stopped as they attempted to demolish the school’s walls. The crew started to lose workers who were frightened by the unexplainable activity inside the school. Unfortunately, the poltergeist or violent spirit activity turned fatal. One worker was killed when a wall collapsed on top of him. The death put this haunted school in the spotlight of the national media. Even after the school was eventually completely demolished, investigators and researchers continue to search for answers regarding what could have caused the haunting at Metz Elementary School.


The Driskill Hotel in Austin, Texas

considered by many to be the most active as far as unexplained phenomenon in all of the area.

Opened for the very first time in the year of 1886 on the 20th day of December, this was considered to be the “Hotel of Dreams” for the ever-popular cattle professional by the name of Jesse Lincoln Driskill. Driskill had purchased the property space where the hotel would be constructed just a year earlier for less than $8,000. By the time this spectacular hotel was completed, it ended up resulting in over $400,000 as far as expenses. Here, you will learn some facts about the haunted Driskill Hotel in Austin, Texas.

The Driskill Hotel has been considered to be one of the most popular locations for well established figures in and around the area. Politicians, celebrities, and more have conducted business within the walls of this spectacular hotel. Driskill himself truly loved the luxurious hotel that he created in Austin, Texas. Upon his passing from this life to the next, it is believed that the business guru remained in the structure – in spirit that is – literally. Several individuals who worked in the hotel before and after Jesse Lincoln Driskill’s death have claimed to continue to feel his presence even after he was laid to rest. The following indicates some of the other hauntings that seem to occur within this spectacular hotel:

1. There is a room, referred to as that of 525 that is rumored to be one of the most haunted in all of the structure. There is a story of tragedy and despair that surrounds the room, though it is unknown if the stories are true, historically. This is the story that is often referred to as the “suicide brides”. It is believed that two young women, who were on their honeymoon in the hotel twenty years apart, took their own lives in the bathroom of the room. As a result, the hotel staff blocked off the bathroom area, and shut down the room completely. When reconstruction efforts began in the year of 1998, this room was allowed to be opened. Several strange occurrences made themselves evident when this occurred – all the way from unexplained leaks to visions and sensations of apparitions!

2. There was a lady who committed suicide on the fourth floor of the Driskill Hotel. Many individuals claim to have observed what appears to be a spirit of a female out of the corner of their eye while on this floor, but when they look to see who is standing there, there is actually no one available at all. In addition to this, it often sounds as if a female is whispering on the floor. While very faint, those who have heard it do not forget it very easily. In some instances, a woman has been heard crying on the fourth floor by hotel staff – even when no one is staying on that particular floor. It is believed that all of these occurrences are related to the woman who took her own life on the floor.

3. There is a story documented in history in which the young girl of a popular Senator of the time met her fate while chasing a ball along the “Grand” staircase in the hotel. This occurred in the year of 1887. It was reported a week after her death that she was up and playing at the hotel with her little ball. This incident was actually the first recording of the paranormal at the rumored haunted Driskill Hotel.

As you can see, there are many recordings of hauntings at this spectacular hotel. While there are many different paranormal events that have taken place at this hotel, this lists the most popular cases. If you are interested in unexplained phenomenon, visiting the Driskill Hotel in Austin, Texas is sure to amuse you!


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